MARIBOR, Slovenia

/with HYNEK ALT/
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About the Work:
The True Story

It's a permanent work in process that functions as a visual dialogue
between the two of us and above all it's an attempt to establish a
constant process within the media of photography. We started
to gather visual elements of our immediate surroundings, strip them
from the original meaning and seek connections, analogies and
shifts between images in new sequences built as autonomous parts
of reality, statements, short narratives.
The working process is a permanent dispute with photography itself and
with photography related issues (simulation, photography as evidence,
subjectivity and objectivity in documentation, image in an image).
The project has many forms of presentation and has been recently
exhibited in a number of ways ranging from traditional gallery
installation (photos in frames) to art in public space. Its form is
intended to remain flexible and adaptable to  the new situations.
From the Series: