SHOW 07  
The project of the photo worksohop in Košice 2008 was successful!
See the results of our artists' work - Alnis Stakle, LV, Gilles verneret, FR, Pierre Vallet, FR, Ula Tarasiewicz, PL, Evžen Sobek, CZ, Daniel Hermes, AT, Mindaugas Kavaliauskas, LT, Jožo Jarošík and Pavel Maria Smejkal, SK

The city of Kosice finds itself at the boundary of the past and the future and in this time of great changes and possibilities, it is good to pause and look at ourselves through someone else’s eyes. Such new perspective may allow us to discover something new, see a different truth. We invited selected participants from last year’s Second Cities project to visit Kosice. Each of these artists has an experience of living in a similar second city, in addition to extensive photography experience and awards. You now have in your hands the result of their vision.

The list of second cities is here >>>
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Project author and curator: Pavel Maria Smejkal, Kosice, Slovakia >>>
The project was supported by the city of Kosice, a Candidate for the  European Capital of Culture 2013.

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© Ula Tarasiewicz, Lodz / Košice 2008